Privacy Policy

1) Introduction

Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, this policy shall be deemed to apply to QJumpers US C Corp, Inc. and our affiliates, and the use of the and/or websites (the “Site”) and all references to "we", "us" and/or "our" shall refer to QJumpers US C Corp, Inc. and those affiliates (“QJumpers”) and to users of the Site including job applicants and Employers. This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference in the QJumpers Terms of Use.  To the extent any provision of this Privacy Policy conflicts with a provision of the Terms of Use, the provision of this Privacy Policy shall control. This Privacy Policy does not apply to job applicants that provide personal information or apply for a job through a website other than the Site and shall not apply to Employers providing job postings through a website other than the Site.

2) Personal Information 

Personal Information includes but is not limited to your personally identifiable information including name, physical and e-mail address, other contact information and social security number as well as prior work history and other background information. 

Employers provide Job Postings through the Site for the purpose of identifying job opportunities that are available.  Should you desire to submit a job application to an Employer, you will be required to create a Profile on the Site that includes certain mandatory fields (e.g. name, email address, phone number). In addition to the information contained in your Profile, You may provide additional personal information which, in conjunction with the Your Profile, forms Your Resume which you may request to be provided to one or more Employers having Job Postings on the Site.  An Employer will only have access to your Resume after you request that your Resume be provided to the Employer by applying for a job opening.  An Employer that receives your Resume may request additional information via a questionnaire and may request a photo or a cover letter.

QJumpers may provide a Resume Pool that includes Resumes of Candidates that are searchable by Employers.  Your Resume will only be included in the Resume Pool if you expressly request that it be included in the Resume Pool by applying for a job opening or registering your interest to work at the Employer’s organization.  Sometimes we collect such information directly from you when you provide Personal Information to us through the Site.  More specifically, when you utilize the Site for the purpose of seeking employment you will need to provide Personal Information which will be stored on servers maintained by or on behalf of QJumpers or on Servers of an Employer upon your application for a job with such Employer.  We may also collect information about you when you ask questions, make a comment, request support, use certain services, access the Site or by recording information about how you interact with the Site (“Collected Information”). 

By use of the Site, you consent to the use of Personal Information and Collected Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and acknowledge and agree that such Personal Information and Collected Information may be transferred to offices and servers of QJumpers located in the United States and other countries, consistent with applicable law.  

When you utilize the Site you can control what Personal Information you choose to provide to QJumpers or an Employer that provides a Job Posting on the Site, however, some features are not accessible unless you provide certain Personal Information. 

3)  Use of Personal and Collected Information 

Personal and Collected Information may be used:

(a) by QJumpers and service providers engaged by QJumpers to deliver and/or provide the QJumpers recruitment services;

(b) by QJumpers and/or by Employers to whom such information is provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy and by service providers engaged by QJumpers and/or such Employers posting job opportunities on the Site for the purposes of assessing your suitability for employment with the respective Employer or affiliates of the Employer, conducting background investigations, verifying information about you, conducting applicant and employment-related statistical evaluation and record keeping;

(c)  by QJumpers or its employees or authorized representatives, if you contact QJumpers with a request for assistance in using the Site features or to report an error for the purpose of diagnosing your problem and assisting in providing a solution;

(d)  for a specific purpose if the information you provided is for use specifically for that purpose, such as delivering the product or service you requested, answering a question you posed, or diagnosing a technical support issue; and/or

(e) by QJumpers and/or Employers to prevent, detect or investigate illegal or fraudulent activity.

Personal Information and Collection Information shall not be used by QJumpers, Employers using the QJumpers recruitment services by QJumpers and/or such Employers for any purposes other than as set forth in Sections 3(a)-(e), except as expressly provided in accordance with Section 4 of this Privacy Policy.

4)  Other Permitted Uses of Certain Personal Information

Unless you expressly request that we do not do so, QJumpers or a business partner of QJumpers may use contact information including your name and physical and/or email addresses provided by you to:

(a) send you product or service notices that may be of interest to you; and/or 

(b) contact you in the future to tell you about products or services we believe may be of interest to you;

When we contact you for this purpose, we will give you the opportunity to "opt-out" from receiving further such communications.

You may elect not to receive any such communications from QJumpers or business partners of QJumpers.

5)  Disclosure of Personal and Collected Information

Personal Information and/or Collected Information may be disclosed:

(a) by QJumpers to Employers posting jobs on the Site in response to your request to provide Your Resume to such Employers and by QJumpers and/or Employers using the Site to service providers of QJumpers and such Employers in connection with the application, interview, employment and/or onboarding process;

(b) by QJumpers and/or Employers (i) if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to (i) comply with a legal obligation, (ii) protect and defend their respective property rights or property rights of other users of the Site and/or business partners of QJumpers, (iii) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of a Site or the public, or (iv) protect against legal liability;

(c) by QJumpers and/or Employers to other companies engaged to perform background investigations or to verify the accuracy of the information provided by you;

(d) by QJumpers to government agencies evaluating the application process;  

(e) by QJumpers to insurers or to legal, financial, and other professional advisors;

(f) by QJumpers to a person or another entity in connection with a reorganization, sale, merger, change in control, transfer of assets, or other business transaction relating to all or a portion of the recruiting business to which the Personal Information and Collected Information pertain and where such information may be a part of the assets and information transferred in any such transaction; 

(g)  by QJumpers and/or Employers utilizing the Site, or service providers of QJumpers or such Employers if required to do so pursuant to law, court order or other governmental action; and/or

(h) by QJumpers to business partners of QJumpers for the purpose of allowing such business partners to send you product or service notices that may be of interest to you, provided such Personal Information is limited to contact information in the form of your name and physical and/or email address and such business partner agrees to cease transmission of such notices to you should you elect not to receive such notices.

Except as expressly permitted pursuant to this Privacy Policy, your Personal Information shall not be disclosed to other parties by QJumpers or Employers using the  Site or service providers engaged by QJumpers or Employers to provide the QJumpers recruitment services without your permission.

QJumpers is not responsible for disclosure or misuse of Personal Information by any other party.  

6)  Security

QJumpers recognizes that your Personal Information and information related to your job search and the fact that you are engaged in a job search may be viewed by you as sensitive information.  QJumpers and Employers using the Site shall take commercially reasonable steps (i) to assure that Personal and Collected Information are securely stored, (ii) to protect Personal Information and Collected Information obtained in furtherance of the QJumpers and Employer recruiting activities from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, and (iii) to assure that service providers of QJumpers and Employers protect Personal Information and Collected Information obtained by or provided to them in furtherance of the QJumpers and Employer recruiting activities from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.  

However, no Internet or e-mail transmission is ever fully secure or error free. By way of example, e-mail sent to or from QJumpers may not be secure. Therefore, you should take special care in deciding what information you choose to send to us via e-mail. 

You may access your Personal Information by use of a user name and password.  You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login details including your user name and password.

Employers using the Site are responsible for maintaining the security of their passwords, user name or ID or other form of authentication needed to access to secure areas of a QJumpers Site or services. 

7)  Privacy Policy of Employers

Employers may have their own privacy policy and/or terms and conditions associated with the submission of a job application with the respective Employer and your Personal Information may be subject to additional terms of use and privacy policies associated with any such Employer.  Employers using the Site hereby agree that to the extent their terms and/or conditions of use and/or privacy policy is inconsistent with the QJumpers Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, the QJumpers Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall apply. 

8) Exclusions

This Privacy Policy shall not apply to any unsolicited information you provide to us through our Site or that is obtained rightfully by any other means. This includes, but is not limited to, information posted to any public areas of the Site, bulletin boards, postings for new products or modifications to existing services, and other unsolicited submissions (“Unsolicited User Content”). 

All Unsolicited User Content shall be deemed to be non-confidential and we shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, and distribute such Unsolicited User Content to others without limitation or attribution. 

9) Children

QJumpers does not knowingly collect Personal Information on persons who are not of legal age. If you are not of legal age, please do not submit any Personal Information to QJumpers. If you have reason to believe that a person who is not of legal age has provided Personal Information to QJumpers, please contact us, and we will endeavor to delete that information from our databases.

10) Changes to Privacy Policy

At times it may be necessary for us to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Accordingly, we reserve the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time and at any time without prior notice. Please review this policy periodically, and especially before you provide any Personal Information to us. Your continued disclosure of Personal Information to us after any change or revision to this Privacy Policy or access or use of the Site following any such modification or update shall indicate your agreement with the terms of any such revised Privacy Policy as of the date of access or use of the Site.

11)  Compliance with Privacy Laws 

  • Privacy Law means any law of a Governmental Authority designed to protect personal identifiable information pertaining to an individual or business, which can be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity alone, or when combined with other personal or identifying information which is linked or linkable to a specific individual (“Personally Identifiable Information”).
  • Data Security Laws means any law of a Governmental Authority requiring any holder of Personally Identifiable Information to provide appropriate protection and security from release or data breaches, and such remedial action as may be required as a result thereof.
  • QJumpers and all Users of a QJumpers Site shall comply with all Privacy Laws and Data Security Laws that may apply to QJumpers or the respective User and each party shall hold all other parties harmless from and against any and all claims or actions resulting from the respective party’s failure to comply with any Privacy Law or Data Security Laws, as applicable.

12) Contacting Us

You may contact us by email in the event you have questions about this Privacy Policy or our information practices at